Tuesday, July 31, 2007

CFR War Criminal Cheney Denies NAFTA Highway

With his favorable poll numbers at around 10 per cent, does war criminal Cheney really believe that anyone with an IQ over 50 believes anything he says? This is the same man who joked to some of his greedy, hell-bound friends, that the citizens in Wyoming were suspicious of the CFR, as he added to them, with a chuckle, that he indeed belonged.

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Stephen Harper meets George Bush Cartoon

Now I had to share this with everyone. I think a pretty good portrayal of Harper.

North American Union Traitors Include Chertoff, Rice, Bush

Lou Dobbs tonight showcasing the North American Union. Wake up people. This is happening without our knowledge and without consulting us at all. Stand up and fight this.

Canada: Harper’s Foreign Policy of American Convenience

Stephen Harper has been making much of himself lately, promoting his version of how to achieve global peace and prosperity, with talks and presentations on Afghanistan and Colombia.

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Harper And The Bush Doctrine In Afghanistan

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks about 9/11, and how it relates to the mission in Afghanistan for Canada.

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Stop the ecoFRAUD! - Denouncing Stephen Harper's "Green" plan...

Website is a parody of Stephen Harper's "ecoaction.gc.ca" website.

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Blogger Writes of Assassination Threat to PM Harper

Blogger Allen Varlaki is blogging that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is likely to be assassinated.

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Author Opposes the NAU

Political elites want to destroy the Middle Class... read this story if you don't believe me.

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Washington House Introduces Anti-NAU Resolution

It seems that some politicians in the United States recognize that the North American Union is a threat to Canadian and United States Sovereignty. Block the NAU.

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BREAKING: Sen. Stevens' home raided

Federal investigators and a grand jury looking into public corruption in Alaska have been asking questions about a 2000 remodeling project at Stevens’ home, particularly the involvement of the oil field services firm Veco.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Is it happening now?

Here is a small clip of what has been happening at the Administrative level and Bush's real plan.

Terrorist Propanganda Exposed

Here is a video of a video analysis of some of the terror tapes that have been leaked by the U.S. government. Another example of how Bush and Cheney are brainwashing the world into following their ideology. They have to be stopped.

They are taking the videos that are being created from the terrorists and enhancing the videos as small infomercials. The U.S. administration is already starting on the band wagon again stating they have "gut" feelings, and that an attack is imminent. I guess that is where Cheney has been hiding for the last little while. Elaborating on their first plan of September 11th, 2001, this one promises to be bigger and more devastating.

Watch this.....

U.S. Military to be used for Quebec Conference

Here is a story on how the U.S. Military will be administering security at the upcoming Security and Prosperity Partnership in August in Quebec. In the land of the free, we do not have the authority to police and defend our own turf. Well get used to it Canada. Should the Security and Prosperity Partnership (a.k.a. North American Union), this would allow the U.S. to boldly come in, seize control of our natural resources and our freedom.

One part of this "partnership" is designed to ensure the security of the U.S. energy supply. This means that when George W. Bush announced at the State of the Union Address of 2005 that the United States is addicted to foreign oil, and that something had to be done about it, he actually meant that the supply will now come from the tar sands in Alberta. The United States wants us to export nearly 5 million barrels/day to them and them only. We currently produce over 1 million barrels/day. That would mean a 5-fold increase in production at a tremendous environmental and human health cost.

I am calling on all citizens of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. to stand up and fight this sham that is being pulled over everyone's eyes.

LiveLeak.com video pieces on this story.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Banned interview with Bush from Ireland

In an attempt to ban anything that has any negative spin towards the war in Iraq or that does not go along with the neo-conservative agenda. This guy is incredible. Here he keeps giving the reporter a hard time for not letting him finish the answer. I hope impeachment follows. They impeached Clinton for a blowjob and the U.S. can't impeach Bush and Cheney for their War Crimes? Only in the United States of America.

I'm back

Well after dealing with a flooded basement, a new baby on the way and unplanned renovations (due to the flood), I am back. There will be daily postings that deal with everything from Climate Change, to Stephen Harper's inability to lead this great country of ours and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (a.k.a. North American Union), among others.

So enjoy, take a moment to take in some of the past articles and tell your friends.