Friday, August 24, 2007

Voices Of The People: The Council Of Canadians

one of those rare occasions when the voice of the people can be heard loud and clear, thanks to bbc's zeinab badawi in this particular case. notice how she takes a back seat and gives stuart trew all the space and time for him to make his case, your case, virtually uninterrupted.

whether bush & co will take a notice or not, is another matter altogether, but that's what a direct action is all about.

The Council of Canadians:

Zeinab Badawi:
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Canadians Protest At The Montebello Summit

Canadians Protest At The Montebello Summit

Outside the Chateau Montebello grounds, police in riot gear jostled with about 50 hardcore protesters, using pepper spray and at least one canister of tear gas to push them back. Some protesters responded by tossing objects at police.
Four arrests were made, and several police officers suffered minor injuries.
Protesters from the Canadian Labour Congress who wanted a "family friendly" demonstration stayed back from the police.
Asked by reporters about the protest, Harper said: "I've heard it's nothing. A couple hundred? It's sad."
The demonstration petered out by late afternoon.
Ten busloads of protesters from Ottawa arrived just after noon and spilled on to the highway running through the hamlet of Montebello.
More than 500 people marched along the main road toward the gate of the summit compound, chanting slogans and carrying banners, including one reading: "Say No To Americanada."
Meanwhile, more protesters, some carrying anarchist flags, came from Montreal's Concordia University aboard a convoy of yellow school buses.
Some held signs describing Bush as a war criminal and urging an end to environmental destruction.
Protesters are prohibited from entering the compound but their demonstrations are being broadcast in the hotel lobby via two video monitors.

Secrecy complaint:

Many activists are upset with what they see as a lack of transparency surrounding the SPP process.
While a group of top business executives will get a chance to make a presentation to the three leaders on Tuesday, no such invitation was extended to environmental or social activists.
Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians attacked the SPP process as being "profoundly undemocratic."
She said the North American Competitiveness Council, the group that will meet with the leaders, is made up of 10 corporate bosses from each country and includes giant corporations like Wal-Mart, General Electric and Lockheed Martin.
Barlow told a Monday news conference that big business would like to see a competitive North American trade bloc.
"And for this they need regulatory, resource, labour and environmental convergence to the lowest common standards," she said.
"This is not about security for people, social security, security for the poor, environmental security or job security. This is about security for the big corporations for North America."

Council of Canadians delivers 10,000 petitions during SPP summit

Stop the SPP protest in Montebello - Delivery of petitions
Maude Barlow and members of the Council of Canadians attempt to deliver 10,000 petitions to the Leaders Summit in Montebello on August 20, 2007. The Council had made an arrangement to deliver the petitions to the gate but were met by the riot squad instead (see media release).

SPP Public Forum - Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow, National Chairperson for the Council of Canadians, gives 10 reasons to oppose the SPP at the SPP public forum in Ottawa on August 19, 2007.

Call for non-confidence motion arising our of "Sharing the Plunder..."

Call for non-confidence motion arising our of "Sharing the Plunder..."

Publish Date: August 24, 2007
Original Site: Canadian Action Party
Original Publish Date: 8:34 AM, July 27, 2007

Connie Fogal, Leader of the Canadian Action Party,calls for a non confidence vote on the issue of the North American Union.

Fogal says the article which is attached and written by Richard Vogel is an excellent explanation about the Superhighways being built under the SPP agreement linking North America into the continental entity of a North American Union It sets out the terrible consequences of the exploitation of the cheap labour mobility which kills the high living standards previously enjoyed by labour in the USA and Canada. It portends the inevitable racism developing against the impoverished South Americans who are moving North in droves who will work for slave wages rather than starve at home.
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September 2007 MOTION of NON CONFIDENCE in the Conservative government

September 2007 MOTION of NON CONFIDENCE in the Conservative government
posted on 8:56 AM, August 24, 2007

CONNIE FOGAL, Leader of the Canadian Action Party, CAP/PAC,

calls for a September 2007 MOTION of NON CONFIDENCE in the Conservative
government arising out of its integration of Canada into a North American

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Letter to Canadian Government asking questions on cops at SPP protest

NDP calls on government to answer questions on agent provocateur at SPP protest at Montebello, Quebec

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President Bush Amused at SPP about "conspiracy" Theories

If the President of the United States is laughing this off as "comical", then it must be true. The track record speaks for itself. If our leaders find it comical as to what the media is reporting on this, then why is there no transparency to this with the public. Our leaders are our elected officials and are supposed to represent our best interests, not their own.

Stop SPP Protest - Union Leader stops provocateurs

This is a clip of CEP President Dave Coles as he confronts men that had rocks and sticks. It is important to note that one of the so-called demonstrators appears to speak to the police just prior to being brought down. Also pay attention to the boots of the individuals as they appear to be police issue. Another example of democracy under attack here in Canada.