Tuesday, July 31, 2007

CFR War Criminal Cheney Denies NAFTA Highway

With his favorable poll numbers at around 10 per cent, does war criminal Cheney really believe that anyone with an IQ over 50 believes anything he says? This is the same man who joked to some of his greedy, hell-bound friends, that the citizens in Wyoming were suspicious of the CFR, as he added to them, with a chuckle, that he indeed belonged.

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Stephen Harper meets George Bush Cartoon

Now I had to share this with everyone. I think a pretty good portrayal of Harper.

North American Union Traitors Include Chertoff, Rice, Bush

Lou Dobbs tonight showcasing the North American Union. Wake up people. This is happening without our knowledge and without consulting us at all. Stand up and fight this.

Canada: Harper’s Foreign Policy of American Convenience

Stephen Harper has been making much of himself lately, promoting his version of how to achieve global peace and prosperity, with talks and presentations on Afghanistan and Colombia.

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Harper And The Bush Doctrine In Afghanistan

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks about 9/11, and how it relates to the mission in Afghanistan for Canada.

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Stop the ecoFRAUD! - Denouncing Stephen Harper's "Green" plan...

Website is a parody of Stephen Harper's "ecoaction.gc.ca" website.

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Blogger Writes of Assassination Threat to PM Harper

Blogger Allen Varlaki is blogging that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is likely to be assassinated.

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Author Opposes the NAU

Political elites want to destroy the Middle Class... read this story if you don't believe me.

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Washington House Introduces Anti-NAU Resolution

It seems that some politicians in the United States recognize that the North American Union is a threat to Canadian and United States Sovereignty. Block the NAU.

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BREAKING: Sen. Stevens' home raided

Federal investigators and a grand jury looking into public corruption in Alaska have been asking questions about a 2000 remodeling project at Stevens’ home, particularly the involvement of the oil field services firm Veco.

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