Saturday, January 27, 2007

Greatest threat to U.S. is Canada... this is hilarious.

More proof that are fellow's to the South are completely clueless. This guy thinks that our actors are down there to overthrow the government. This is hilarious. Also, look at this guy's lazy eye. Is he staring at you or the camera. No one knows.....

The Great Conspiracy

Found this on YouTube. An excellent documentary on Conspiracies and misinformation.

North American Union? What is this all about....

So, to prove that I am not just a Conservative basher, I will include this clip on the North American Union or the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America. This all started with Chretien's Liberal government and continues to this day with our beloved Twig (a.k.a. neo-con Mr. Stephen Harper). The site can be found here. This is very important for us to realize that this is going forward without any consultation with any of us in Canada, the US or Mexico. Most government officials even deny this partnership exists, but thankfully we have Lou Dobbs on CNN tackling this issue head on.

From what I have learned on this, it opens up the borders between our 3 countries and provides trading "corridors" between us. The policies of this new initiatives are set and controlled by Government and the large corporations that are members.

I will post more on this very soon. For now, please enjoy these clips that I have found on this very important topic.

Liberal Ad about Harper

Excellent Liberal ad about Harper

Going Carbon Neutral

Many have heard me talk at work, to my friends and whoever else I meet to go Carbon Neutral. What is Carbon Neutral you ask? Well, it is simply offsetting your Carbon Emissions. This can be done several ways. You can purchase what is called an offset credit. To figure out what your impact is, you simply use a calculator, then purchase the required credits to offset your total contribution. I used this site to figure it out, then purchased the Home and Vehicle offsets first, with plans to purchase the personal one in the near future. Here is the link: Zero Foot Print. There is tonnes of information here on how to reduce our overall impact on CO2 emissions. They also offer cards that you can buy for family and friends. Each one is $15 and offsets 1 tonne of Carbon.

Sites of interest:

NB Power signs deal with TransAlta in Alberta to supply Wind Power

My hats off to NB Power. They have signed a deal to build New Brunswick's first Wind Farm in Kent Hills, NB. A great step forward in the right direction to bring clean energy to New Brunswick.

Use the link for the entire story.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Doing what you can for Mother Nature

Here is a story of how one Vancouver man is on a mission to inform the public on Global Warming

George being George

I'll let this one speak for itself....

Stephen Harper Income Trust Promise

Hmmm... seems like Stephen broke yet another promise dealing with the Income Trust. Blaming the Liberals for wanting to tax them, and Harper "defending" them, only to do it himself as soon as they took power. You decide if he the right leader for us.

Demonstrator Arrested In Halifax

Protester Arrested in Halifax Nova Scotia for taking a magnet off a car. Fascist cops wouldn't identify themsleves despite over 20 requests.

2 Demonstrators Threatened With Arrests/Fines

2 Demonstrators Threatened With Arrests/Fines in Halifax Nova Scotia to protest Stephen Harper's Military State.

Anti-war protest against Harper

Anti-war protestors made a scene ahead of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's big cancer announcement Friday, Nov. 24, 2006. For the latest news from Canada's Most Watched Newscast, visit Global National's website at

911 Pentagon Conspiracy

This is an interesting video of whether or not the plane that crashed into the Pentagon was a conspiracy theory or not. Let your eyes, ears, and brains be the judge.

An excellent climate change clip from the British Government

Ever increasing problems with the Middle East

It is no surprise that the U.S. extended the war in Iraq. A new oil revenue sharing law is about to be passed in Iraqi parliament that will allow U.S. companies like Exxon and Chevron to begin extracting Iraqi oil and keep billion in profits for themselves. They went there only to get the oil secured for America's "future". Read this article to find out more. A New Oil Plan for Iraq

And don't forget, they have increasingly been bringing Iran and Syria into the picture. Just yesterday they raided an Iranian Consulate office and arrested 6 of the workers there. . Even U.S. Senators are telling George duhhhhbya to stay out of Iran. It is Israel who is pushing this agenda. The fear that they will be wiped off the map. I say, stop supporting Israel in the Middle East as it causing the world to suffer.

Israel also has a huge part to play in all of this. They more or less control U.S. foreign policy in the middle east. Watch this video to see for yourself.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

An excellent clip on the crisis by Al Gore

Let's all do something

The recent reappointment of our Federal Environment Minister is something of a charade in Ottawa. After Rona Ambrose failed to convince Canadians that there is no real problem, and that big industry is not going to be doing anything about our ever changing climate, our illustrious Mr. Harper thought it necessary to change direction and start to admit that there may be something after all to this whole climage change "theory". Since the Liberals are now touting the Green message, Harper has no choice but to wake up and smell the eggs cooking on the sidewalk in January. (Oh wait, it is not 2050 yet).

I think it is time for the Canadian people to pressure this Government into honouring our Kyoto pledge. But since the neo-conservatives we have elected do nothing but blame the Liberals for all the current problems, I don't think anything will ever get done. The Liberals record on the Environment has not been all that great either, but they did ratify Kyoto, and did have plans in place to start the assault on the greatest challenge that we as a human race currently face.

I want to present a few facts that our honourable leader does not freely talk about when it comes to climate change.

I also encourage you to email our federal enviroment minister at and encourage him that the problem is real. I have read several news reports with him and he is convinced there is something wrong, but not sure what. It is the amount of CO2 gas in our atmosphere. There is proven science on this.

I encourage everyone to watch An Inconvenient Truth. By far the best documentary on the subject. The website has lots of useful information and you can purchase the DVD directly from the site. My hats off to Mr. Al Gore. If the election had not been rigged in 2000, the U.S. may well be the leader in Green Technology and we would have fallen suit.

One last note for today. Remember that without this planet, all of our money, cars, homes, "wealth", is meaningless. Let us save this planet for our children and their children's children. A sick planet means that it can no longer provide for us. We need to nuture our planet, not destroy it. This planet has been here for a lot longer than we can even fathom, and we risk seeing it all go away for ever, in our lifetimes, if we don't do something now. I will be publishing some articles on becoming Carbon Neutral. A very affordable way to offset your emissions, small things we can do. Encourage people to pressure our governments to acknowledge this problem really exists. Remember, they are voted in by us to represent us. If we all raise our voices, they will have to acknowledge. As Mr. Gore stated, "Government is a renewable resource." - An Inconvenient Truth (2006) .

We have the power to change this.


Welcome to my little piece of the net. Here I will be discussing what most of my co-workers are sick of hearing me talk about. The truth about our current political climate, climate change, health and more. Feel free to share your opinions and comments freely. Let's just watch the language and keep the bashing to a minimum. I want to encourage the exchange of opinions freely. And please remember, they are exactly that, someone's opinion.

I do not profess to be an expert on the topics that I will be discussing. But I do have an interest in finding out how others think on some of the topics. Let's have some good discussion. I will definitely be trying to push your buttons as some of the discussions I plan to have will be on very controversial topics like our Canadian Governments position on climate change, things that we can do to "persuade" them to do something to acknowledge it; truth on the real reasons for the war in Iraq and why the United States will not let it go, articles on Big Oil's attempt to dismiss climate change as a theory rather than fact, and much, much more.

Enjoy your time here.