Saturday, January 27, 2007

North American Union? What is this all about....

So, to prove that I am not just a Conservative basher, I will include this clip on the North American Union or the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America. This all started with Chretien's Liberal government and continues to this day with our beloved Twig (a.k.a. neo-con Mr. Stephen Harper). The site can be found here. This is very important for us to realize that this is going forward without any consultation with any of us in Canada, the US or Mexico. Most government officials even deny this partnership exists, but thankfully we have Lou Dobbs on CNN tackling this issue head on.

From what I have learned on this, it opens up the borders between our 3 countries and provides trading "corridors" between us. The policies of this new initiatives are set and controlled by Government and the large corporations that are members.

I will post more on this very soon. For now, please enjoy these clips that I have found on this very important topic.

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