Monday, August 6, 2007

Reality Check: Tight Security Planned at Montebello for SPP Conference

OTTAWA–Rising concerns about continental integration and opposition to U.S. President George W. Bush's war in Iraq may bring protesters to Montebello, Que., in large numbers next month when Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets with his American and Mexican counterparts.

STPNS - North American Union Will Seek Gun Control, Socorro, New Mexico

Was Canada's gun registry a precursor to greater integration?

The Battle for the Arctic has Begun

We bring to the attention of our readers the following article that highlights the growing tension for arctic resources between the U.S. and the Russian Federation. Canada, under Steven Harper, is becoming heavily involved in these tensions. Prime Minister Harper has made statements declaring that Canada will militarize its arctic region to protect the area. In reality this is part of an effort to secure arctic energy resources for U.S. energy interests.

Cheney Laughs About North American Union Agenda Deception

David Rockefeller behind SPP and North American Union (NAU)
Cheney Laughs About North American Union Agenda Deception. We have to stop this from happening.

Canada. The Crisis in Manufacturing Jobs: Struggling for Answers

The last weeks of May have seen major demonstrations of workers’ discontent with the crisis that has been unfolding in Canada’s manufacturing sector. Some 52,000 jobs have been lost in the manufacturing sector since January alone. The demonstrations were kicked off on May 23 by protests by the USW at nine plants, as part of its ‘Jobs Worth Fighting For’ campaign linked to the Ontario Federation of Labour. The USW actions included plant occupations, notably at doormaker Masonite, which is shutting down its Mississauga plant to move its production to U.S. facilities with the loss of 300 jobs.

Is the Annexation of Canada Part of Bush's Military Agenda?

This article, first published in November 2004, focusses on the process of "deep integration" between Canada and the US in the spheres of "defense" and "national security".

Following President Bush's historical visit to Ottawa in November 2004, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) was launched in March 2005 in Waco...

North American Union: The SPP is a "hostile takeover" of democratic government and an end to the Rule of Law

Connie Fogal says the SPP is the "hostile takeover" of the apparatus of democratic government and an end to the "rule of law". There has been a kind of coup d'état over the government operations of Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico.

The first formal step towards the NAU was NAFTA. Ron Pastor of the Council on Foreign Relations has affirmed that. The Canadian Action Party, a registered federal sovereigntist political party in Canada, began as a party in 1997 precisely because none of the mainstream parties were calling for the clear, outright, unequivocal abrogation of NAFTA, or for control of our national monetary system.

Britain: Recruiting Kids to Kill

Britain: Recruiting Kids to Kill

Britain's new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown announced a 'war on poverty' at the United Nations on 31st July, aiming to: '..eradicate the great evils of our time - illiteracy, disease, poverty, environmental degradation and underdevelopment'. This from the man who failed to mention exactly that, which he had been responsible for, in Iraq and Afghanistan's invasions - for which, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, he had written the cheques for the UK's involvement, in the total decimation of all which can be called normality. Those elephants in the Bush-Brown meeting at Camp David and at Brown's UN., foray, were seemingly un-noticed; the horrors air-brushed out.

2nd Lepreau reactor a step backwards: environmentalists

2nd Lepreau reactor a step backwards: environmentalists

Environmentalists say the group seeking to build a second nuclear reactor at Point Lepreau is wasting its money on outdated technology.

Fight Looms over Construction of Huge Texas-Mexico Freeway

The talk in West Texas this summer is La Entrada al Pacífico, and it's either a great opportunity to develop an international trade route, or it's a wretched plan that would ruin the pristine Big Bend region of Texas.

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A Big Win Against Corporate Control of Water

In the battle over whether the people or corporations should control public water, residents of Stockton, Calif., won a huge victory over a multinational but other localities remain threatened.

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Frankenforests: GE Trees Threaten Ecosystem Collapse

Across the U.S. and the world, the timber industry is driving research behind genetically engineered forests. But environmentalists worry that it will open an ecological Pandora's Box.

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Bush gets closer to dictator status.

New Executive Order and Declaration of a National Emergency.

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NAFTA Superhighway traffic tied to bridge collapse

NAFTA Superhighway traffic tied to bridge collapse. It seems that in a report issued back in 1998, there was a warning that increased NAFTA traffic could potentially have disastrous effects on that particular bridge. Read more to find out what is really going on.

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What I want to know is: are the local police and sherif spying on me? Have they entered my house and took copies of protest documentary I'm writing of the Vietnam War? Have they infiltrated my local chapter of The Veterans for Peace? Do they photograph me when I march in an antiwar protest and hold up impeachment signs at the street corner. Just wh

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US Immigration to Canada at 30 year high

Please check your guns at the border. It seems that the Americans are infiltrating our space. Is it the promise of Democrats leaving their beloved country after Bush was re-elected. Or part of another plan to infiltrate Canadian soil, to eventually run for politics, then impose their will on us.

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