Friday, August 10, 2007

Atlantica is just another ploy under SPP

Atlantica is the maritime regions version of NAFTA. Our region is under threat of being taken over by the United States. It is moving at an accelerated pace and must be stopped.

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Introduction to Atlantica

This four part series shows what is really going on behind closed doors with the SPP, Atlantica and the NAU (North American Union). We must stop Atlantica, SPP and NAU from happening. We are seeing more and more erosion of our sovereignty and national identity under the SPP, Atlantica and NAU. Stop the Globalists, stop the "free trade" agreements and stop the take-over of our planet from the neo-cons with the SPP, Atlantica and NAU.

Atlantica - Part 1

Atlantica - Part 2

Atlantica - Part 3

Atlantica - Part 4

Secrecy of Planned Montebello SPP Meeting Part of CFR Plot

The announcement that a 25-kilometre security perimeter is to be established around the Chateau Montebello, where the planned Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting (August 20-21) -- also known as the North American Union -- is to take place has shocked activists groups who were planning a public forum to express their concerns

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Globalist think tank: alter national identity to favor North American union

In reading a little noticed June 11, 2002 document detailing a conference held by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, shocking revelations are made regarding the elite's plans to create a North American Union between Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America.

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Neocon 101: Some basic questions answered.

What do neoconservatives believe?What are the roots of neoconservative beliefs?What is the difference between a conservative and neoconservative?How have neoconservatives influenced US foreign policy?What does a neoconservative dreamworld look like?

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Neocon 101: What do neoconservatives believe?.

"Neocons" believe that the United States should not be ashamed to use its unrivaled power – forcefully if necessary – to promote its values around the world. Some even speak of the need to cultivate a US empire. Neoconservatives believe modern threats facing the US can no longer be reliably contained and therefore must be prevented, sometimes through preemptive military action. Read the full story.

Violation of International Law: The Security and Prosperity Partnership must be declared Null and Void

When the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the US meet in Montebello, they should reflect on the fact that one of them leads a minority government, another one was elected in an election still under dispute, still another is rapidly descending in the polls.

Canada and Bush's North American Union project

Look for a very strong backlash coming from the Canadian people, but also from the American and Mexican peoples, once they clearly understand what the Bush-Calderon-Harper trio has been concocting in near complete secrecy and with nearly no public debate whatsoever, over the last few years.

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