Saturday, January 27, 2007

Greatest threat to U.S. is Canada... this is hilarious.

More proof that are fellow's to the South are completely clueless. This guy thinks that our actors are down there to overthrow the government. This is hilarious. Also, look at this guy's lazy eye. Is he staring at you or the camera. No one knows.....

The Great Conspiracy

Found this on YouTube. An excellent documentary on Conspiracies and misinformation.

North American Union? What is this all about....

So, to prove that I am not just a Conservative basher, I will include this clip on the North American Union or the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America. This all started with Chretien's Liberal government and continues to this day with our beloved Twig (a.k.a. neo-con Mr. Stephen Harper). The site can be found here. This is very important for us to realize that this is going forward without any consultation with any of us in Canada, the US or Mexico. Most government officials even deny this partnership exists, but thankfully we have Lou Dobbs on CNN tackling this issue head on.

From what I have learned on this, it opens up the borders between our 3 countries and provides trading "corridors" between us. The policies of this new initiatives are set and controlled by Government and the large corporations that are members.

I will post more on this very soon. For now, please enjoy these clips that I have found on this very important topic.

Liberal Ad about Harper

Excellent Liberal ad about Harper

Going Carbon Neutral

Many have heard me talk at work, to my friends and whoever else I meet to go Carbon Neutral. What is Carbon Neutral you ask? Well, it is simply offsetting your Carbon Emissions. This can be done several ways. You can purchase what is called an offset credit. To figure out what your impact is, you simply use a calculator, then purchase the required credits to offset your total contribution. I used this site to figure it out, then purchased the Home and Vehicle offsets first, with plans to purchase the personal one in the near future. Here is the link: Zero Foot Print. There is tonnes of information here on how to reduce our overall impact on CO2 emissions. They also offer cards that you can buy for family and friends. Each one is $15 and offsets 1 tonne of Carbon.

Sites of interest:

NB Power signs deal with TransAlta in Alberta to supply Wind Power

My hats off to NB Power. They have signed a deal to build New Brunswick's first Wind Farm in Kent Hills, NB. A great step forward in the right direction to bring clean energy to New Brunswick.

Use the link for the entire story.