Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let's all do something

The recent reappointment of our Federal Environment Minister is something of a charade in Ottawa. After Rona Ambrose failed to convince Canadians that there is no real problem, and that big industry is not going to be doing anything about our ever changing climate, our illustrious Mr. Harper thought it necessary to change direction and start to admit that there may be something after all to this whole climage change "theory". Since the Liberals are now touting the Green message, Harper has no choice but to wake up and smell the eggs cooking on the sidewalk in January. (Oh wait, it is not 2050 yet).

I think it is time for the Canadian people to pressure this Government into honouring our Kyoto pledge. But since the neo-conservatives we have elected do nothing but blame the Liberals for all the current problems, I don't think anything will ever get done. The Liberals record on the Environment has not been all that great either, but they did ratify Kyoto, and did have plans in place to start the assault on the greatest challenge that we as a human race currently face.

I want to present a few facts that our honourable leader does not freely talk about when it comes to climate change.

I also encourage you to email our federal enviroment minister at and encourage him that the problem is real. I have read several news reports with him and he is convinced there is something wrong, but not sure what. It is the amount of CO2 gas in our atmosphere. There is proven science on this.

I encourage everyone to watch An Inconvenient Truth. By far the best documentary on the subject. The website has lots of useful information and you can purchase the DVD directly from the site. My hats off to Mr. Al Gore. If the election had not been rigged in 2000, the U.S. may well be the leader in Green Technology and we would have fallen suit.

One last note for today. Remember that without this planet, all of our money, cars, homes, "wealth", is meaningless. Let us save this planet for our children and their children's children. A sick planet means that it can no longer provide for us. We need to nuture our planet, not destroy it. This planet has been here for a lot longer than we can even fathom, and we risk seeing it all go away for ever, in our lifetimes, if we don't do something now. I will be publishing some articles on becoming Carbon Neutral. A very affordable way to offset your emissions, small things we can do. Encourage people to pressure our governments to acknowledge this problem really exists. Remember, they are voted in by us to represent us. If we all raise our voices, they will have to acknowledge. As Mr. Gore stated, "Government is a renewable resource." - An Inconvenient Truth (2006) .

We have the power to change this.

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