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New Progressive Nationalist Party leader calls Stéphane Dion and Gilles Duceppe disloyal Quebecers on SPP's cultural

New Progressive Nationalist Party leader calls Stéphane Dion and Gilles Duceppe disloyal Quebecers on SPP's cultural assimilation agenda

by Peter Tremblay

New Progressive Nationalist Party say Stéphane Dion [left] and Gilles Duceppe [right] are disloyal Quebecers.Stéphane Dion [left] and Gilles Duceppe

"Never in the history of Quebec, has such leaders betrayed us", says Guy Pelletier, the leader of the newly established Progressive National Party of Canada, LINK, about Stéphane Dion and Gilles Duceppe. Both leaders in quiet, support the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which Prime Minister Stephen Harper formally, confirmed, with his support, on August 20 and 21 at an American-owned hotel resort, which is located between Ottawa and Montreal in Quebec, Canada. The SPP sells out Quebec, and the rest of Canada, inclusive of language rights, social programmes, the civil code, and human rights in general, toward formal control under the corporate assimilationist-centred New American Union (NAU) agenda.

Political leaders in Quebec, whether federalist like former Prime Minister Trudeau or separatist like René Levesque, had a common a loyalty to Quebec. Mr. Trudeau, chose Federalism as the best means to protect the cultural identity of Quebec, with a united and officially bilingual Canada. Mr. Levesque, pursued a vision to separate Quebec, from the rest of Canada, to defend Quebec's cultural identity. Mr. Dion, a dual citizen of the Anglo-Saxon dominated European Union and Mr. Duceppe has chosen to sell Quebec to the United States.

It is apparent that Mr. Dion's and Mr. Duceppe's substantive allegiance, is not to Quebec, but with the almighty dollar held by the U.S.-based Big Business interests, in conjunction with the traitorous Quebec and Canadian "partners" which these leaders have apparent chosen to serve, instead of the people of Quebec and the rest of Canada. Indeed, a new generation of elites in Quebec that owns large mass-media outlets and financial institutions, together with the intellectuals, are driven by greed, and not the cultural idealism of previous generations of elites.

These new "Chateau Clique" elites will profess a loyalty to Quebec and the rest of Canada in front of the TV cameras, and then in closed door meetings represented by the SPP, will sell the soul of Quebec and the rest of Canada, which is not for them to sell.

Now, the U.S. military is reportedly beginning to occupy our Quebec, Canadian nation, without the consent of the people of Quebec; and Mr. Dion and Mr. Duceppe, turn the other way on the assault of our national self-determination as a free and independent society.

SPP elites seek to begin to culturally assimilate Quebec, like Louisiana, into a New American Union by 2010.
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